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Neck Pain Treatment in Pune:

Neck of an individual does the job of holding an individual’s head high in the society. Because neck bears the weight of head all throughout the life of an individual, one can imagine the stress over neck.

Neck does this job with support of various ligaments, muscles, bones and other structures. Apart from holding the head, it also participates in various movements of the head like flexion, extension and lateral movements. It acts as conduit between head and other parts of the body like trunk and extremities.

Various vascular and neural structures pass from great vessels and spinal cord respectively to different parts of body. The airway structures like larynx and trachea are provided shelter. The food pipe (oesophagus) and cricopharynx have attachments in neck. The spinal cord passes from foramen magnum to thoracic area through a bony tunnel formed by cervical vertebrae. The bronchial plexus passes to upper limb after originating from various cervical spinal segments. The neural structures are protected from injuries by ligaments and muscles.


1. Pain felt at:

 Tip of shoulder
 Radial forearm
 Shoulder blade
 Upper arm
 Dorsal forearm
 Index & middle fingers

2. Tenderness in the:

 Biceps region
 Triceps region
 Shoulder region

Pain Management:

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