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Home Backache


It is difficult to find an individual who never had a backache at least once in his lifetime. Such a common disorder so often passes unnoticed. Backache ranges from a dull muscular ache to agonizing searing pain. Backache commonly starts because lifestyle factors such as a lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, excessive physical activity, obesity, poor posture, lifting weights incorrectly, multiple pregnancies, occupational hazards, emotional stress etc.

There might be complain of local pain, radicular pain (shooting down to buttocks, thigh, leg, foot), abdominal origin pain radiating to back, history of trauma, tingling & numbness, weakness, bowel and bladder disturbances, pain aggravating with activities.

Major causes of backache:
    1. Musculoligamental
    2. Disc disorders – Prolapsed intervertebral disc
    3. Facet joint degeneration
    4. Arachnoiditis
    5. Failed back surgery syndrome
Minor causes of backache:
  1. Cauda equina tumors
  2. Lumbar canal stenosis
  3. Myofascial pain
  4. Spondylolysis
  5. Others

Acute Backache:

Backache of less than four weeks duration comes under this category. The reason of pain will be muscle sprain, strain, muscle pull etc.

Exceptional patients who have following risk factors should undergo investigations:
  1. Trauma
  2. Infection
  3. Unexplained weight loss, earlier diagnosis of cancer
  4. Elderly people, no response to conservative treatment
  5. Weakness, numbness, absent/sluggish reflexes, Abdominal swelling, potts’s spine

Chronic Backache:

Acute backache patient population ends up with chronic backache. The reasons for this are:
  1. Continued stress on the spine
  2. Minor pathology becoming major problems
  3. Occupational factors (work compensations/dissatisfaction
  4. Personality (sluggish/slow/depressed/overweight)

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS):

Nearly 30% to 40% people who undergo back surgery end up with recurrent pain same or worse than before in the region of lower back legs. Back pain is thought to be the result of degeneration of intervertebral joints or pseudoarthrosis or an infection or degenerative change at other vertebrae.

Pain may arise from viscera, blood vessels, nerves, bones of the spine & pelvis, muscles &/or joints. In most of the cases, a specific cause of the pain associated with FBSS cannot be identified.

Pain Management:

  • Investigations
  • Treatment
    • Counseling
    • Rest
    • Physiotherapy
    • Pharmacological methods
    • Interventional
      • Epidural steroid injection
      • Facet joint injection
      • Intradiscal therapy
      • Sacroiliac joint injection
      • Epidural adhesiolysis
      • Sympathetic blockade
      • Spinal cord stimulation
      • Intrathecal drug delivery
      • Surgery

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